A Gem from the Past – Gary L’Heureux

A Gem from the Past – Gary L’Heureux

A Gem from the Past - Gary L'Heureux

Lies under the overhanging cliffs of Southwestern Colorado, is a group of hundreds of well-built Indian pueblos which survived the test of time. Gary L’Heureux describes this place as a reminder of our heritage and at the same time a sight worthy of a lot of clicks from your cameras.

Messa Verde National Park is a display of cliff houses made from the hands of the Ancestral Pueblo people. The largest cliff dwelling in the park is Cliff Palace, which is believed to have accommodated as many as 250 people. The second largest cliff dwelling, where some 150 people lived is called the Long House.

A Gem from the Past - Gary L'Heureux
You can also see a ladder that will lead you to another house which this site is specifically proud to showcase, The Balcony House. It is specially well preserved and it presents 40 rooms. A number that even today is considered big when it comes to house rooms.

As you tour around the place, you will observe that many of these abodes were cleverly carved out from caves and rock faces and is built using sandstones. An indication that even in early times, humanity has find their way to survive the challenges of nature. It is not just strong but also aesthetically pleasing since it gives a contrast of color to the greeneries around it.

Gary Lheureux would say, this place doesn’t just attract historians, archeologists, artists, architects, but also those whose souls are drawn to discovering and understanding the life of our ancestors and to appreciate more what we already have in this generation. You will have a meaningful tour here, that’s for sure.

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Gary L'Heureux

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