Amazing Stuff to View New York by Gary Lheureux

Amazing Stuff to View New York by Gary Lheureux

Amazing Stuff to View New York by Gary L'heureux

Has the magical New York City captured your imaginations at some point? Sending you daily wishes and imaginations of how you would spend your day in the sparkling city. Gary Lheureux gives some traveling guide for your stay in New York. The city has three airports nearing it, LaGuardia, JFK and the Newark Liberty in New Jersey. If you land in either JFK or Newark, you can easily take a commuter train or subway to New York. Fewer transport options are available for visitors landing in LaGuardia. Depending on the time of landing, taking a taxi could be horrendous due to the traffic on your ride to Manhattan.

Gary Lheureux - Amazing Stuff to View New York

Gary Lheureux says driving and parking in the ever-busy Manhattan is a nightmare. The easiest way to navigate through is perhaps, putting on your most comfortable shoes and take the subways on foot, probably with fewer carriages. You are advised to carry less luggage since most subways have only stairs entrances and also, more attractions are usually crowded and with luggage restrictions. Look for alternative luggage storage locations where you can securely leave your bags for some reasonable time.

With less to no luggage, take in the environment and focus on your heading locations. The Times Square will perhaps brighten your imaginations to real light. The bright light, crowds of people and yellow taxis make it sensible to start off your stay at Times Square. Several museums are lined on the east and west of Central Park. If you are a lover of art and history, do not hesitate to visit these magical locations. New York has endless lists of food locations and night spending houses. Go on and head to New York with Gary L’Heureux.

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Gary L'Heureux

Gary L'Heureux has a goal to travel to all corners of the world and share his experiences with his followers and other interested parties. He currently is touring the United States and Across Europe documenting his journeys and sharing ideas with other travelers.

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I have checked a few travel blogs mentioned here, they had some amazing content for all travel enthusiasts. Thanks, Gary for sharing this blog. Really useful!

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Thanks Gary, i wanna just let you know that i had wonderful time during the trip. New York was one of the best destination ever seen.

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The whole blog about New York is very useful in every way. It provides great stuff.

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