Gary L’Heureux – Holiday Destinations in Houston

Gary L’Heureux – Holiday Destinations in Houston

Holiday Destinations in Houston

Houston is the place to be for anyone planning to visit Texas for a holiday. The good news to those who like the coastal adventure is that the city is located just adjacent to Galveston Bay. That is not all, there are a wide variety of other interesting destinations that are worth your time when in Houston.

Gary L’Heureux begins by describing this city as the heart of rocket science as it hosts the headquarter of the famous NASA astronauts. Many people who come to Houston enjoy visiting the museum, Houston Zoo, and vintage stores. Sports lovers are well taken care of too. All in all, a trip to Houston is never complete without a sand bath at the Galveston Bay.

Holiday destinations in Houston

Probably, you have heard of the famous Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. There cannot be a better way of appreciating nature than visiting this park. Here, you will find a wide variety of live oaks with beautiful green leaves towering towards the green grass. Gary Lheureux also speaks of another important spot in this park; the multi-story sculptural fountain of course. For sports lovers, watching a game or two would leave you with good memories of Houston. You can watch football, basketball, baseball, or etcetera. If you are a football fan, then the NRG stadium is your perfect destination. The place you will enjoy watching a nice football game from Houston Texans.

Gary L’Heureux adds that anyone who comes to Houston leaves with a happier soul than they came. It is such a wonderful feeling being at the Houston zoo. While here, you could enjoy watching about 6000 wild animals including many species of marine life. Simply put, all you need to do while in Houston is to choose your favorite destination and you are sorted. If you want to keep the Houston trip memories live, then there is an excellent idea as well. Why not pass by the vintage stores on 19th Street and grab something? You could buy yourself some casual clothing, jewelry, footwear and all sorts of exclusive items for the good memories.

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