Gary L’Heureux – Information about the Famed Manhattan

Gary L’Heureux – Information about the Famed Manhattan

Gary L’Heureux - Information about the Famed Manhattan

Tall skyscrapers loom over beautifully structured cafes and restaurants. Gary L’Heureux would say, it is one of those places you should not miss out in your visits. There will be tons of reasons which will welcome you in this one of the most famous places in the country. Who would have not known the famed Manhattan?

Found in the southeastern New York state, the Manhattan is one of the county’s five boroughs. When we say New York City, we automatically picture out Manhattan.

Featured in a collection of well-known movies, the Manhattan is a very good representation of prosperous commercial, financial, and cultural centers in the world. We picture our favorite character in a Romantic Comedy movie. A woman working as a writer fell in love with a corporate guy set in some of Manhattan’s beautiful tourist destinations as reviewed by Gary Lheureux.

Gary L’Heureux - Information about the Famed Manhattan
This borough is also known for its famous Manhattanhenge. What is this? Gary Lheureux would describe it as an incredibly photogenic setting of the sun which perfectly aligns with Manhattan’s east-west grid. For you to witness such majestic display, you should best find a spot at 14th, 34th, 42nd, 57th and 79th Streets. These locations will give you just right framing for some clicks on your camera. It is recommended to go east for the best views.

Also, who doesn’t know about the famous Broadway Theater? The intimidating Empire State building and of course who would forget the Central Park? Aren’t these enough for you to pay a visit? Surely you would feel ecstatic while having an adventure in this place full of interesting angles.

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Gary L'Heureux

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Vincent Clifton

What a fantastic resource you have created here. I will definitely be using it if we ever make it to NYC. Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome post. I love the way you describe New York and I agree. Based on my three days experience at Christmas time in Manhattan 😀 Since that time I always wanted to come back to explore the other neighbourhoods, too. I will do so one day, for sure!

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