Top 5 Must See Sights in Beijing – Gary L’Heureux

Top 5 Must See Sights in Beijing – Gary L’Heureux

For a different and exciting experience on your vacation, Gary L’Heureux states that one must visit Beijing for tourism as it is one the of most developed and stable city in the world, it is also very beautiful and have historic sites of Chinese rulers endorsing culture and traditions.

Top 5 Must See Sights in Beijing - Gary L’Heureux

Beijing is great destination for travelling as Gary L’Heureux mentions the savory of Chinese cuisine and their traditional music and dressing is perfect for your vacay list, not only that, they have very humble and friendly nature towards their tourists.

For your place where you will be staying is not a problem anymore as Gary L’Heureux counts Kuntai Royal Hotel as best service for this job and will serve you during your time in the city.

Talking about the history of Beijing, there lies the historic places of Chinese rulers which are a great delight for tourism as you can see the places of historic artistry norms and beliefs. As for the historic places one must visit Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace which are the source of their  identity of their historic rulers and how can we not forget the World’s famous, one of the seventh wonders of the world The Great Wall Of China is located there and is a must to go and soothe your eyes by seeing its majestic artistry and architect masterpiece.

You will be satisfied by their cuisines as they have unique serving of hot pots food and other animals which are commonly not found in the other areas of the world as an eatery.

Gary L’Heureux states that Chinese culture and their association with dragons in their respective festivals are well known around the globe and they are an appetite to be experienced so why not make a hit on Beijing this time in your travel book list.

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